Hong Kong Transfer


Airport to Kowloon side Hotel 機場-九龍區酒店

1-40 pax, 49seater, HK$1,200
1-20 pax, 28seater, HK$1,000
1-5 pax, 7 seater, HK$600

Airport to Hong Kong side Hotel 機場-香港區酒店

1-40 pax, 49seater, HK$1,300
1-20 pax, 28seater, HK$1,100
1-5 pax, 7 seater, HK$650

Service time: 08:00-20:00

Before or after service supplement 49seater/28seater/7seater HK$200
Free of charge waiting time
Airport pick up upon the flight landing within 1hour, overtime charge HK$300
Hotel pick up after pick up time 15minutes, overtime charge HK$200

Coach-Sightseeing tour (Should be include tour guide)

1-40 pax, 49seater, HK$400/ hour
1-20 pax, 28seater, HK$300/ hour
1-5 pax, 7 seater, HK$350/ hour


English speaking guide(英語導遊), HK$800/ hour
Mandarin speaking guide(國語導遊), HK$600/ hour


Coach on hire(租車服務)

1-40 pax, 49seater, HK$450/ hour
1-20 pax, 28seater, HK$350/ hour
1-5 pax, 7 seater, HK$400/ hour


Exclude: Tunnel & Parking fee
Before 08:00 or after 20:00
Supplement HK$200/per hour
Airport pick up or drop off more charge 1hour
Coach on hire minimum 5hours charge

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